Bubble Buddies Pricing

➡ Tiny (0-9 lbs) - Starting at $65

➡ Small (10-29lbs) - Starting at $75

➡ Medium (30-59lbs) - Starting at $85

➡ Large (60-99lbs) - Starting at $95

➡ 100 lbs & over - Starting at $100

➡ Tiny (0-9 lbs) - Starting at $80

➡ Small (10-29lbs) - Starting at $90

➡ Medium (30-59lbs) - Starting at $100

➡ Large (60-99lbs) - Starting at $115

➡ 100 lbs & over - Starting at $130

Final Pricing is based on the Bubble Spa fee PLUS the fees for the optional fur cut and enhancements you choose for your pup.



Shampooing & Conditioning

Does your pet have light, dark, fluffy, long, sleek, or curly hair? We have over 10 different kinds of shampoo and conditioner specifically picked for your pet’s unique skin and coat type. Your dog will look amazing after bathing in our state-of-the-art bathing system. See our enhancement section if you want to control access shedding or a deep conditioner treatment.

Fuzzy Facial

We use a gentle cleanser on your pet’s muzzle and eye area to remove dirt and tear stains. Our grooming salon for dogs also gives your pet a calming, pressure-point facial massage to relieve stress and tension.

Tooth Brushing

A great way to keep down the plaque and freshen your pet’s breath between professional cleanings.

Hand dry

Every pet deserves pampering. We hand dry each with Egyptian cotton towels and gently hand blow-dry his coat to ensure maximum comfort with the least amount of coat damage.

Brush & Fluff

We hand comb through every inch of your pet to ensure that there are no mats or leftover loose furs. We only use the finest Les Pooch polished nib brush on your pet’s coat to maximize volume, shine, and bounce!

Paw Pad Pampering for Dogs

Every paw gets a cocoa butter massage to soften the pad to prevent cracking and alleviate tension in your pet’s paw


We clip and buff your animal’s nail or claw to the correct length.

Paw trim

Our dog paw trim services in Humboldt County include fur trimming around your pet’s paws so it doesn’t collect debris that can cause damage to paws.

Ear cleaning & fur removal

We use a special botanical ear cleaner to ensure that the pH balance in your animal’s ear isn’t disturbed. A clean ear with proper pH balance prevents infections and hearing loss and promotes a better-smelling animal.


We trim around your pet’s nether-parts to make sure he stays clean and fresh.


Puppy Cut

Starting at $25

Have you ever dreamed of having your own live-action plushy? Our dog hair salon near me in Humboldt County trims to a single all-over length to help minimize tangles, thick coats, and matting while retaining maximum cute!

Breed Cut

Starting at $25

Our experienced groomers will cut your pet’s fur to your specification. We are able to perform breed-specific scissor-cuts & lion cuts. Creative styling also available!

Thin and Trim Furcut

Starting at $15

A general tidy, not too much off the top, or over-length trim. Our professional dog haircut services in Humboldt County trim all around your pet, removing the flyaway grass grabbers under the belly, trimming around the ears and legs, and taking a little off the face and tail. Just keep it neat and tidy.

Matt Removal

Starting at $25

If your pooch is extra matted the price starts at $25 for removal.


Dippity-do-da flea bath


Got fleas? Not anymore. We use an all-natural flea dip followed by a soothing oatmeal bath to soothe the nipped skin.



Let us de-shed your pet so they don’t shed all over you! We use a specialty shampoo that lessens shedding followed by the furminator treatment. We train our staff to use proper techniques that will not harm your pet’s fur and skin. We gently remove dead detached fur embedded deep in your pets coat, repair attached follicles to create healthy fur and bring up the natural oils in your pet’s coat for improved shine and luster.

Butter Lush Deep Conditioning Treatment


No more knots in Fifi’s armpits. We tame those dry ends and frizzes for your fuzzy dog at the saloon in Humbolt County with our botanical conditioning treatment. The name says it all: a buttery-rich treatment designed to leave your pet’s coat silky soft without weighing it down.



Is your fluffy friend suffering from mange, hotspots, fungi, or hoof wall fungus? Well, the doctor is in the house. We will soothe your pets’ itchy skin with a special bath of Australian tea tree oil & aloe. An alternative to prescription medicine, this natural bath will treat the skin while also promoting hair health with vitamin b and allantoin. Like all of our bath treatments, this too is natural, pH balanced, and safe for all furry animals great and small.




Need a little glitter and glam in your life? Let Bubbles Dog Salon in Humboldt County give your furry friend a little razzle-dazzle with our sparkle finish. Don’t make us doubt your commitment to sparkles!

Queen Elizabeth


Did you know that the queen perfumed her pets? Well, we can too. We use only essential organic oils on your pooch to make him/her smell extra delightful. Suitable only for royalty. Ask us for a sniff of what seasonal oils we have on hand.

Nail polish

Starting at $20

We have eight different colors for you to choose from. They are non-toxic quick drying and easy to remove. On dark nails, we apply a coat of white first and then a color for better results.

To Dye For

Starting at $25

Is your furry friend a rock star in hiding? Want a colorful Mohawk for your bischon? Perhaps you have always dreamed of owning a pink poodle? A blue polka dot rat? Go ahead and let out your furry friend’s inner star! We only use 100% all vegetable-based dyes. However, for the safety of your animal, we recommend a free dye patch test during your regular spa appointment (we’ll put it in a hidden spot). Then, on your next service visit we can turn your humble hunny-bunny into the next rock animal!

Poodle paw


Give your poodle the dainty paws of your dreams with this specialty paw treatment. We gently shave the fur from your poodle’s paws.