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Keep Your Pet Cool: Summer Grooming Services from Cat Spa Near Me in Humboldt County

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Summer’s here, and it’s prime time to pamper your cat with essential grooming! But it’s not just about shedding fur. Cats need ear and paw cleaning, parasite prevention, and more to keep them cool and joyful. Wondering which cat spa near me in Humboldt County offers all these things?

Well, Bubble Buddies Grooming Salon offers specialized grooming and spa treatments to keep your cat looking and feeling their best for sunny day adventures!

Bubble Spa (Water Bath)

This spa treatment is for your buddies who don’t mind skinny dipping.

1.     Hypoallergenic Shampoo Bath

Some cats have sensitive skin that can be irritated by regular shampoos. Bubble Buddies uses a mild, hypoallergenic, tearless shampoo made from the finest natural ingredients. This shampoo cleanses thoroughly without causing irritation, ensuring that even the most sensitive skin remains unharmed. It leaves your pet’s coat soft, plush, and naturally scented.

2.     Other Services

Apart from this bubbly bath, the following services are also included in it:

  • Hand Dry: After the bath, the cat is gently hand-dried with Egyptian cotton towels, followed by a careful hand blow-dry.
  • Brush and Fluff: Thoroughly comb your cat’s coat to remove mats and loose fur by using the finest Les Pooch polished nib brush, which maximizes volume, shine, and bounce in your pet’s coat.
  • Cat Ear Cleaning and Fur Removal: This includes a special botanical ear cleaner and fur removal to keep insects away during outdoor adventures.
  • Sani-Trim: Trimming the fur in nether regions to keep them hygienic.
  • Paw Trim: To prevent debris from collecting around your cat’s paws.
  • PETacure: Clipping your cat’s claws to the proper length prevents overgrowth and potential injuries.

Sahara Spa (Dry Foam Bath)

We can assist if you are searching for a cat spa near me in Humboldt County that can provide care for feline friends who are afraid of water.

1.     Organic Calendula & Catnip Dry Shampoo

For cats that shy away from water, Bubble Buddies offers the Sahara Spa, featuring an exclusive waterless kitty bath. The dry shampoo, made from organic calendula and catnip, is mild, hypoallergenic, and tearless. It cleanses thoroughly without water, leaving your pet’s coat soft, plush, and naturally fresh. The calendula and aloe vera also kick away all the insects with their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties from the fur.

2.     Other Services

Along with a dry bath, your cat can be pampered with:

  • PETacure: Clipping of the cat’s claws to the correct length.
  • Paw Trim: The Sahara Spa also includes trimming the fur around your cat’s paws to prevent debris collection and potential damage, keeping their paws clean and healthy.
  • Ear Cleaning: A special botanical ear cleaner to prevent infections and hearing loss and ensures your pet’s ears are clean and odor-free.
  • Brushing: Combing through every inch of your pet to ensure that there are no mats or leftover loose fur.

Bubble Buddies – Best Mobile Cat Spa Near Me in Humboldt County

Keep your cat cool, clean, and comfy this summer with Bubble Buddies Grooming Salon in Humboldt County! Stop your search for cat spas near me in Humboldt County and choose from our Bubble Spa or Sahara Spa treatments for a happy, healthy summer! Book our services today!

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