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Easy Ways Dog Salons Near Me Deal with Matted Hair

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Have you ever experienced the pain of an elastic band around your wrist that was too tight? Removing it left your skin red and sore. Mats in your dog’s fur cause the same discomfort. The tighter the mat, the more it pulls, and the higher the pain is for your pet. Professional and delicate care is needed to handle them. If you’re wondering how dog salons near me handle matted hair, we have the answer for you.

5 Ways Dog Salon Near Me Care for Matted Hair

Here is how skilled groomers take care of your pup:

1.     Spotting the Trouble

Upon arrival, groomers take a good look at the pup’s coat. Every tangle and mat are carefully located to evaluate its severity. This helps in planning the safest and best way to deal with them. However, if the mat is severely compacted or pelted, causing intense pain and limiting the dog’s movement, groomers will have no choice but to remove the fur.

2.     Gentle Brushing with Specialized Tools

Professional groomers use a variety of specialized tools like de-matting combs, slicker brushes, and undercoat rakes. Dematting combs have serrated blades that cut through mats without pulling the fur. Slicker brushes have fine, short wires close together, perfect for removing loose fur and minor mats. Undercoat rakes help in thinning out the undercoat, reducing the chance of mats forming.

3.     Detangling Sprays and Conditioners

Some groomers also apply detangling sprays or conditioners to soften the toughened mats. This makes it easier to work through the tangles. Detangling sprays reduce the friction between hair strands, while conditioners add moisture to dry, brittle hair. But it would be best if you searched for “dog salons near me” that use reliable brands that won’t cause side effects.

4.     Careful and Patient Mat Removal

When removing mats, one should be patient. Skilled groomers work slowly and carefully to avoid hurting the dog. They start at the edges of the mat and gradually work their way in, using their fingers or a comb. For stubborn mats, they may use scissors or clippers. Always remember, caring groomers never pull the mat, as this can cause pain and skin irritation. Instead, they gently tease the mat apart bit by bit.

5.     Clipping Severe Mats

For severely matted areas that cannot be safely brushed out, groomers often resort to clipping. Using professional-grade clippers, they carefully trim the mats away. This process requires skill to avoid cutting the dog’s skin. Clipping is usually the last resort, as it can leave the fur uneven, but it’s necessary for your furry pal’s health.

Summing It Up

Dogs love to find joy in the little things in life, like rolling in dirt, splashing in puddles, and playing with you and other dogs. However, these fun activities can also cause matting. If you notice your dog’s fur getting mat, look for reliable dog salons near me online.

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