At Bubble Buddies we think your pet is special; deserving our full attention 100% of the time. Unlike traditional pet care providers, we are dedicated to only one customer at a time; you. We never jam animals together in cages or pack a load of pups up in a van. We attend to one single special animal at a time, yours. We are a local Humboldt County company providing boutique concierge pet grooming care, delivered to your home!

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  • Mobile Grooming

At Bubble Buddies, we provide a warm, private, and inviting spa environment for your pet, surrounding them with comforting aromatics and only the finest in natural products. All of our animal spa treatments are offered on site at your home or office. Your pet never need suffer the stressful ride to the groomers or the trauma of all-day separation. Many grooming facilities specialize solely in canine styling. Here at Bubble Buddies we embrace all our animal friends. Your beloved pet, large or small, can experience the safe and gentle care of the Bubble Spa. We offers a complete Nose to Tail Service Menu including Soft Claws PETacures, complete breed-standard fur styling, decadent couture perfumes, natural flea treatments, tooth brushing and refreshing herbal baths all at your doorstep! We also offer 100% scent-free, hypoallergenic spa services to protect sensitive skin and reduce animal allergens. Your pet’s spa treatment will finish with a silk bow or handsome neckerchief and gluten-free all-organic chicken treat. Peruse our Spa Menu and select your Bubble Spa service. Together we will customize your needs for your pet’s style, coat, and skin needs. We look forward to seeing you!

  • Timothy
  • Shelby

With over 21 years experience, Timothy has combined a true passion and the artistic eye to drive him to be an exceptional and professional dog groomer. In addition, he has mastered the patience in handling very difficult and/or nervous dogs with a soothing energy to bring some calmness to the overall grooming experience. Timothy takes much pride to ensure he is able to provide his professional services to the community and provide a higher level of personal care and attention to each client.

Timothy recently relocated to Humboldt co. with his wife, their three young boys, two dogs and two cats to join the Bubble Buddies team

Shelby has had a lifelong love for animals, she can finally fulfill her passion to work with clients of the "fluffy" variety. Shelby is passionate about big and small animals (she cannot pass one by without giving them love and affection!) It is this passion that makes Shelby an asset to the team. Shelby is also a devoted pet owner, which helps her connect with your pets needs. Shelby is currently a caregiver for her mother and three happy dogs.

Mobile pet care is the future.

Regular grooming is important for appearance and health, which is why professional pet grooming is such a great idea!

  • Lion Cut
  • Kitten Cut
  • Booty Buzz
  • Dippity-Do-Da
  • Butter Lush Deep Conditioning
  • Oatmeal & Aloe Bath
  • M.D
  • Kitten Mittens
  • Puppy Furcut
  • Breed Cut
  • Thin and Trim Furcut
  • Matt Removal
  • Sparkles
  • Queen Elizabeth II (Finishing Spray)
  • To-Dye-For
  • Poodle Paw
  • Nail Polish
  • De-Shed Treatment



What people says about us

Always reliable, personal service, loves my cat and me never worry about my cat when Fetch is looking after her<

Mang Kardun
Mang Kardun Househusband

Mantap sekali mang perawatannya sangat bagus untuk merwat hewan peliharaan seperti anjing atau kucing

Cici Yunie
Cici Yunie Housewife

It's really great, the treatment is really good for taking care of pets like a dog or cat and grooming with brushing pet

Cici Yunie
Cici Yunie Housewife

It's really great, the treatment is really good for taking care of pets like a dog or cat and grooming with brushing pet

HillalNeet CEO Of Jeppa


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